The Revolutionary Colouring System


Our manufacturing plant in Italy, uses Enel Energia brand ‘Enel Green Power Energy’. This guarantees they use energy with origin from renewable sources, such as wind, photovoltaic, solar, thermal, geothermal, hydroelectric energy, and even energy produced using tides and wave motion, biogas and biomass. 

enel energia

We are committed to protecting and minimising the impact on the environment and continue to improve the well-being of the earth by supporting and implementing solutions such as recyclable packaging, componentry disposal guides, and collaborating with affiliates such as UK based Salon Sustainability producers of recycling bin solutions for salon waste.

salon sustainability


Couture Silk formulations are accredited by the highest prestigious Italian chemists and are certified with Good Manufacturing Standards (UN ISO22716).

Leyton House has been and will continue to be a proud member of the PETA (Beauty without bunnies) and cruelty-free organisation since 2007.