red hot challenge

Hairdressers LOVE creativity, variety and uniqueness. Red hair covers all the above and more. A wide range of shades, from vibrant reds to more subtle auburn tones. This variety allows hairstylists to and experiment with different color combinations, highlights, and techniques.

Red hair stands out and makes a bold statement and most hairstylists appreciate the opportunity to create distinctive looks that help their clients express their individuality and practice their creativity.


Colourist and stylist from Miama Florida.
Denise’s model becomes a vision of individuality and sophistication. These red and mahogany hues dance with creating a mesmerizing play of colours that captivates and turns heads.

Blending Leyton House Couture Silk Rouge Red Violet (.62) and Magenta (.526) creates a mixture that elevates the inherent beauty of red pigment, resulting in a vibrant and eye-catching outcome.

1). Root Shadow: 30ml Couture Silk 5.6/5R + 15ml Couture Silk 3.5/3M + 45ml 3% (10vol) LH Developer
2). Mids to Ends: 30ml Couture Silk 7.66/7RR + 20ml Rouge Magenta .526 + 20ml Rouge Red Violet .62 + 75ml 3% (10vol) LH Developer


Anya’s proficiency in the art of hairstyling reaches new heights as she demonstrates an exceptional mastery of Leyton House colour. The brand’s products serve as the perfect canvas for Anya’s creativity, allowing her to transform her clients’ looks with vibrant and personalized hues.

Her technical expertise sets her apart, ensuring that every colour application is not just a service but an artful expression of her client’s individuality.

Anya’s remarkable work ethic and commitment to our industry truly distinguish her from others, and her skills as a hairdresser are undeniably impressive.

1). Roots: Equal parts Couture Silk 5.5/5M + 5.0/5N + 6% LH Developer (1.1:5)
2). Foiled T-Section: Couture Silk .62 Rouge Red Violet + 6% (20vol) LH Developer (1:1)
3). Mids & Ends: Equal parts Couture Silk 5.5/5M + 5.0/5N + 3% (10vol) LH Developer (1.1:5)


Monika creates this head-turning hair model isn’t just about colour; it’s a celebration of self-expression and the beauty of embracing one’s individuality.

Monika’s “boss client” has become a trendsetter in the world of hair fashion, proving that hair can be a powerful form of artistic expression. It’s a look that not only captivates onlookers but also encourages others to explore and experiment with their own unique styles.

In essence, this vibrant colour blocking technique using Couture Silk Rouge paired with Leyton House 1.0/1N Black at the back is a bold and fearless choice that transcends the ordinary.

This daring approach to hair colouring is a testament to the endless possibilities that exist when one is willing to push the boundaries and redefine the norms of personal style.


1). Colour Block: 50g Couture Silk Rouge .6 Red + 10g .4 Copper + 5g .526 Magenta + 3% LH Developer (1:1.5)
2). Back: Couture Silk 1.0/1N + 3% (10vol) LH Developer 1:1.5)


Paula is known for her technical expertise and specialized skills in formulating hair colors. With her meticulous approach, she has skillfully created a breathtaking deep red hair shade using Couture Silk Rouge .6 Red.

Paula has refreshed both the color and hairstyle for her client. The blend of shaggy and pixie haircuts, artfully executed with a razor, highlights the natural tone at the roots (expertly covering any discreet gray;) and showcases vibrant red shades throughout the length.

paula v17

1). Roots: 30g Couture Silk 55.0 + 20g 5.11 + 50g 6 (20vol) LH Developer
2). Mids to Ends: 30g Couture Silk .6 Rouge Red + 3% (10vol) LH Developer (1:1)


A master in the art of colour and hairstyling Danielle accentuates her exceptional use of Leyton House Professional products, setting a new standard for quality and innovation in salon.

Her expertise and creativity shine through as she showcases the breathtaking Couture Silk Rouge Red hair color on her model

With a keen eye for trends and a creative flair, Danielle has transformed Solarium Point into a haven for those seeking not only a haircut but a personalized experience. Click image to watch full video

1). Global Coverage: 40ml Couture Silk 7.66 + 15ml .6 Rouge Red + 3% (10vol) LH Developer