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FillerPlex(EBR) is a single step Enzymatic Bond Reconstructor (EBR) with dual process action. A plex treatment working from the OUTSIDE to INSIDE by surrounding the hair fibres with a protective webbing structure to mend broken bonds during a chemical service.

FillerPlex(EBR) penetrates and reconstructs the bond fibres from the outside in, providing elasticity and strength, even after just ONE application. FillerPlex protects and preserves, keeping the internal structure healthy resulting in longer lasting colour.

One named miracle ingredient reinforcing FillerPlex(EBR) is Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein pf-Propyl Silanetriol. A revitalising and fortifying protein complex seeking out damaged bonds, increasing tensile, withstanding chemical stresses, and preventing cuticle abrasion.

Unlike 'others', FillerPlex(EBR) does NOT require any follow up maintenance treatments at home and does NOT affect any service processing times or colour results.


Other than the secretly formulated superpowers. FillerPlex(EBR), is vegan and supplemented with the following active nutrients keeping hair in tip top condition:

HYALURONIC ACID – Moisture rich humectant gel-like cushioning molecule. Manages hair hydration retention, an essential nourishment in the restoration of the hair structure, leaving hair soft, smooth, and silky.

100% ITALIAN ORGANIC CHESTNUT EXTRACT – This active ingredient repairs the hair surface from damaging treatments. It overlays the hair follicle on the outside retaining the moisture on the inside.

HEMP OIL – Prevents the absorption of excess water and assists in the safeguarding from hair breakage.

FillerPlex(EBR) is not only used during a chemcial service but is an excellent care service used between colour services.  Use FillerPlex(EBR) to fill porosity and reduce frizz in curly hair.

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