The Revolutionary Colouring System



Leyton House Professional: the brand of couture colouring products and high-end hairdressing support lines. Global Cosmetics Group/Leyton House Professional is a global company with head offices in United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Our range of colours contain the unique formulation “Silk Renewal Complex,” developed by our research and development laboratories in Italy. This plant-derived formulation combines the best from nature and the latest technology, providing superior results that are gentle and healthy for the hair. 

Key to our approach is embracing the needs and desires of the hairdresser and consumer. In an ever changing industry, our dedicated team of highly trained and professional educators worldwide ensure hairdressers are kept up to date with the latest technologies, techniques and trends by offering tailor-made training programs for every level of hairdressing.



To ensure creativity is fuelled, knowledge is shared, passion is enhanced.

Ignite Leyton House Professional with ‘The Revolutionary Colouring System’ providing on going support and commitment to the hairdressing industry.


Global Cosmetics Group/Leyton House Professional acknowledges the need to use sustainable energy and with the use of renewable energy sources we are committed to contributing positively to the world’s environment.

We do not believe in testing products on animals and are official members of the PETA organisation. Leyton House Professional proudly developed our Rhassoul collection, a vegan hair care range. This collection includes vegan shampoo, conditioner and hydrating hair treatment spritz.

Beauty without bunnies.

cruelty free




Dale's forty plus years in this industry have taken him to many different countries, with many different languages, that all spoke Hair Color! As an author he has written numerous Technical Manuals, Academy Classes, as well as developing multiple Patents. Dale has held every position the industry has to offer. Having helped to build multiple Iconic brands, Dale now is the Chief Operations Officer of Leyton House Professional USA. Being in the lab, the show floor, or the home office, Dale excels at the science, mathematics, and business of color. One conversation with him and you will know why he resides in Leyton House!


Based in the UK with more than 15 years experience in the hair industry. Rachel has worked her way from owning and managing her own salon to mentoring to now educating not only up-coming stylists but managing a team of more than 10 educators nationally in the UK.

Rachels passion lies with working with salons, stylists and trainees in building their knowledge, confidence and sharing her expertise to fulfil not hers but others colour creative vision.  

Rachel lives by ‘You never stop learning, even today I find the science behind Leyton House brand fascinating’.  Working closely to Europe also allows Rachel opportunities to travel within the EU and be inspired by other creative like-minded colourists.  Her most recent visit being Poland and Iceland



Jeremy started his career almost twenty years ago. His passion and dedication to his twelve chair award wining salon is only surpassed by his love and commitment to the education process. Based in Las Vegas to start his journey, Jeremy now beautifies Colorado. Bringing his National Hair Color Awards and Design Techniques  to every stage he graces, Jeremy has headlined for some of the industry's iconic companies. Leyton House is proud to call him ours and invite you to never miss the opportunity to see the artistry, creativeness, and sincerity that is Jeremy Mihelich!



BRAND AMBASSADORAbigail has more than ten years in the industry and has the resume of one with much more. Owning a ten chair salon and spa has not kept her from sharing her talents on four continents! International creative director for multiple companies, she has found a home at Leyton House.

Her ability to capture a room and pour knowledge and passion into an audience is unsurpassed. All forms of blonding and color placement, along with design and formal looks, she is the master of all formats. Unique in this regard, you will be drawn in and captured by her humble charisma! or instagram @abistyling