For colourists aiming to achieve the perfect blonde for their clients, there are two primary pathways: Bleaching or Colouring.
However, within these options, there exists a variety of choices.


Lightening alternatives encompass;Alpine Blonda 7, Alpine Blonda 9, Alpine Blonding Cream, and Charcoal Blonding Cream. Each product boasts distinct advantages, appealing differently to individual colourists.

Off-scalp applications involves using Alpine Blonda 7, positioned 1 inch from the roots, while ON-SCALP;applications using Charcoal or Alpine Blonding Cream with our unique 4.5% (5vol) blue-violet; Alpine Developer; ensuring enhanced neutralisation. 

For those seeking a quick lifting powder bleach Alpine Blonda 9 emerges as the preferred choice for many time-constrained colourists. This product offers features such as rapid lifting action and benefits including efficient time management, and with its Condensed Sugars to protect the hair and is enriched with Guar Bean and Kaolin to strengthen and repair, making it the go-to option for busy professionals. 

Following a blonde chemical treatment, it's common to require toning for the client's hair, and in this regard, the decision becomes straightforward.

Liquid Jewlz shades reign as the ultimate choice among hairstylists seeking impeccable results. Renowned for their versatility and precision, these demi-gloss shades offer a myriad of captivating hues to suit every client's unique style and preference. Beyond their stunning colour range, Liquid Jewlz shades boast nourishing properties that enhance hair health, leaving strands glossy, vibrant, and irresistibly soft to the touch.

With Liquid Jewlz, hairstylists can unlock a world of endless creativity while delivering salon-quality results that exceed expectations. 

Couture Silk Permanent Toners are another stand out choice following a lightening service. These toners offer an array of benefits beyond just toning, including nourishing properties that leave hair feeling silky and luxurious. 

A thorough consultation is a crucial part of a hairdresser's role, as it sets clear expectations for the client and ensures their satisfaction with the final result. By engaging in effective communication and understanding the client's desires, a hairdresser can tailor their services to meet those expectations precisely.