There's nothing quite like the fiery allure of copper tones and to celebrate the mesmerising charm of copper hues and the artistic prowess of talented colourists worldwide, Leyton House extended an invitation to collaborate and showcase the brilliance of global hairdressers.

Copper shades have an inexplicable ability to add depth, warmth, and vibrancy to any canvas. They ignite a visual symphony of colours that captivates hearts and leaves a lasting impression. British hairdressers Lucy Howard and
queen of balayage Lauren Clements, showcased their extraordinary journey and connection with Couture Silk colour.

Lucy's recipe
Global application of Couture Silk 8.43 + recoloured the hair extensions with the same colour.

Lauren's recipe
Pre pigment: 40g Liquid Jewlz 9.046 / Peach Melba + 1.5% Jewlz Developer
Root colour: 35g Couture Silk 6.4 + 15g 6.64 + 3% LH Developer
Mid/ends: 50g Couture Silk 7.43 + 20g 7.4 + 3% LH Developer

Kori Phylow from Texas USA, unleashed her imagination, using her copper muse SISTER - Yeesss! With her canvas set and the palette ready, Kori flatters her sister with subtle highlights and a bold transformation.
Each stroke of the brush added depth and character to the copper hues, creating a masterpiece that will ignite the senses.

Kori's Recipe

Ends: First Application: Couture Silk .4 Rouge + 9% LH Developer (1:1.5)  Processed 30 minutes
Roots (Virgin Hair): Couture Silk .4 Rouge + 3% LH Developer (1:1.5) Processed 15 minutes
No additional toners or glosses were used! 

This synergy of talent promised to push the boundaries of creativity and redefine the possibilities of copper-centric artistry. Danielle, Artistic Director from Solarium Point UK was inspired by the fiery brilliance and captivating allure of copper. Danielle clearly understands the unique charm and versatility of Leyton House Couture Silk and executed the challenge to perfection.

Danielle's Recipe
Colour throughout the back-
50mls Couture Silk 6.4 + 50mls 6.3 + 20mls .4 Couture Silk Rouge Copper +
15mls 5.4 + 6% (20vol)

Front face frame-
25mls Couture Silk 7.4 + 25mls .4 Rouge Copper + 5mls 7.3 + 6% (20vol)

Samantha Davenport of Hello Gorgeous, Montana possess an unparalleled ability to infuse depth, warmth, and vibrancy into any canvas. With an alchemical blend of richness and radiance, Samantha ignites a visual symphony of colours that leaves a lasting impression.

Sam's Recipe

Roots: 5.4 + 9% LH Developer (1:1.5)
Ends: a) 28g Couture Silk 7.4 + 11gs 7.021 + 1.5% Jewlz Developer (1:1.5)
b) 34g 8.4 + 11g .4 Rouge Copper + 1.5% Jewlz Developer (1:1.5)
c) 28g 8.43 + 1.5% Jewlz Developer (1:1.5)

We thank each of our hosts in their Copper Creative Collaboration and being a part of something truly remarkable