Rehash your Trash!

That’s right, here at Leyton House Professional we support Salon Sustainability.

With more and more salons choosing sustainable values, we want to help YOU make a positive change in the hair industry. We have teamed up with Salon Sustainability to make recycling easier across the hair and beauty industry by giving salons the ability to recycle up to 95% of salon waste.

Turn your salons waste into recycling.

The fact is, salons produce a lot of waste. Foils, colour tubes, boxes, towels etc. are just some of what salons go through in high volumes, daily. Thankfully, there are ways that you can get your salon to maintain eco-friendly values.

Salon Sustainability can provide you with a way to recycle your salon waste!

They recycle:




Foils & Metals



Your salon can stop producing waste instantly! Start recycling your waste with Salon Sustainability by clicking here. Sign up today and receive a 15% discount by quoting ‘LEYTON15’.  

Do your part to help the Earth and become a sustainable salon now.

Find out more about Leyton House Professional's support of Salon Sustainability, click here.