Buzzwords for Blondes - Ice, white or platinum blondes … Literally the coolest shade and original bombshell!.

However, executing such a cool colour usually requires several appointments, particularly for clients going from dark to blonde. As they say slow and steady wins the race. It’s your job to keep the integrity of your client’s hair and whilst we know going to the extreme can be done in a single session, you could send your client bald and no one wants to go home in tears!

Your professional consultation and clients’ current hair health are of the utmost importance and if they want to go blonde in a single session, don’t be put off by just saying NO. Don’t be that hairdresser, your reputation is at stake.

We recommend using our Alpine Blonding Crème over a few sittings to gradually go from light to bright.  A process for clients who say they want to go from dark to blonde, gradually, and gently highlight the hair to make sure the client is happy with such a dramatic change.

Below are some inspirational examples from our global users.

1. Roots: Alpine Blonding Crème + 4.5% Alpine Developer
2. Roots toned using Liquid Jewlz 8.18/8ABV Star Dust
3. Root Smudge, mids to ends: 10g Liquid Jewlz .012T/.NAVT Smoke + 10g .0123T/.NAVGT Alabaster + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer

1. Applied to prelightened hair
2. Global application applied using 25g Liquid Jewlz .0123T/.NAVGT Prosecco + 15g  .022T/.NVVT Luna Mauve + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer

Image 3 by KELSEY'S HAIR 
1. Prelightened hair using Alpine Blonding Crème + 4.5% (on scalp)
2. Toned using Liquid Jewlz .0123T/.NAVGT Prosecco + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer

Generally, if your client has naturally dark hair, but light eyes, going blonde will work and look amazing, however, if you’ve got dark hair and dark eyes, going blonde may not suit as well and you should consider balayage or face framing for subtlety yet, still an edge of lightness and dimension.

Dale Smith recommends using Alpine Blonda 7 or 9 and FillerPLEX to help keep and/or repair broken bonds and protein lost during the lightening process. These two powders are great for clients with healthy hair wanting to obtain faster and extra lifting power, however, Dale says “Since 2023, I am seeing more ‘Worn in Blondes’", a look that appears to have grown out naturally, these colouring techniques have fewer designated appointments for the client as the colour grows out organically. The client now has the freedom as to when they wish to return to the salon as roots are never an issue to colour.

Blondes and all shades of copper to red are the most frequented next grey coverage incorporating blonding techniques into the grey coverage.  This also opens up another window of opportunity using Leyton House NEW Liquid Jewlz Gloss Demi Toners to create dimension and are so much healthier for the hair.

Good advice is to inform your client their hair will grow back at approx. 1cm per month, therefore touch-up maintenance to the regrowth may be required every 6 weeks.

Below are some inspirational examples from our global users.

1. Highlights using Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer
2. Toned using 20g Couture Silk .021 Champagne toner + 10g .11 Frost toner + 20g .22 Lilac toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

Image 5 by MANE_AT_GLAMR
1. Applied to prelightened hair
2. Toned using Couture Silk 10.21 + .22 Lilac toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

1. Regrowth: Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5% Alpine Developer; 1:1 on-scalp
2. Toned using 10g Couture Silk 10.18 + 10g .23 Suede toner + 7g .22 Lilac toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

Now, let’s focus on the retail side of blonding. Providing a blonding service allows you the perfect opportunity to grow your retail sales by offering clients what you’ve used on their hair, be it toning with Rhassoul Blonde Toning shampoo, cleansing with Rhassoul Revitalising shampoo, treating the client to a Rhassoul Hair Recovery Masque and massage at the basin or finally spritzing with Rhassoul 6 in 1 Spray for the ultimate fill and moisturizer.  Allow clients to use their senses, smell and feel their hair, and offer your expert product knowledge.

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