1. Taking the top spot is The Baroque Bob.
We've witnessed numerous bob haircuts in the past that were incredibly chic, trendy, and sparked conversations. From the layered lob offering a rejuvenated appearance without drastic length loss to the flattering shorter A-line cut, this medium-length hairstyle consistently delivers.

Now, a refreshed bob haircut is making waves with a contemporary twist. It's more lively, playful, and ideal for those seeking a modern update to their look. Check out Zendaya - Keep this shape alive use Style Culture HairCraft and Shine Shaper

2. The timeless brushed blonde blowouts.
This spring and summer, there's a trend towards more understated blonde shades and natural wave. Clients are increasingly requesting sombre effects, starting with a lighter brown at the roots and smoothly transitioning to delicate blonde tips.

Refreshing the tone just right, we recommend refreshing every 6 weeks with our Liquid Jewlz Demi Permanent Gloss colour. Perfect executed by Sydney Sweeney.

3. Birkin Bangs - This timeless trend is all about the blunt, yet wispy bangs grazing the eyebrows. Channel the iconic style of @jane.birkin  from the 70s, and you'll nail this look! To achieve it, gently brush the bangs forward using a large round brush and follow up with a blow dry to set them in place. This style effortlessly blends retro charm with contemporary flair, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a timeless yet trendy appearance.

Leyton House advises  to keep hair in tip top condition use the Rhassoul range and now you can use the Rhassoul Hair Recovery Masque as a leave in treatment, great for those of you who blow-dry the heck out of your hair.

4. Presenting the Kitty Cut, aka the Butterfly, the Wolf Cut, or the Shag Cut. With all these evolving names for the same style, it's hard to keep up!

Essentially, the Kitty Cut is a refined version of the wolf cut, featuring textured layers that frame the face beautifully.  @sukiwaterhouse is among the celebrities who’ve embraced the Kitty Cut, adding her own stylish flair to this trending hairstyle. With its versatile and edgy appeal, the Kitty Cut has become a favourite among those looking to make a bold statement with their hair. To captivate this colour, try the Couture Silk .021 and .023 collection.

 5. The Italian Bob, 2024 could be the ideal time to embrace a significant haircut transformation. European-inspired hairstyle boasts a chin-length cut delicately shaped to frame the face, offering a sophisticated yet effortless look.

What sets the Italian bob apart is its slightly longer length compared to traditional bobs. If you’re clients have been toying with the idea of transitioning to shorter hair, the Italian bob might just be your perfect starting point, blending chic elegance with a touch of continental flair.Finish the look with Style Culture StyleMaster @HaileyBeiber