What’s the best technique, root smudge, root shadow, or root melt?

To an untrained eye, smudge, shadow or melt may appear the same, but in fact they're different application techniques, yet all have a common result; reduce the intensity of demarcation between the roots and highlights, achieved by blending, giving a naturally graduated flawless appearance.

So let’s take a look, to better understand their differences.

ROOT SMUDGE is a slightly lighter colour to your regrowth to create full coverage look, but seamlessly blending into the highlights or balayage mid lengths and ends. Root smudges create a softer gradient from lightened to natural hair close to the root. When choosing a colour, we recommend going 1 - 2 shades lighter than the natural hair colour.

Try Liquid Jewlz Demi Permanent Gloss hair colour  for perfectly toned results.

ROOT SHADOW can be dramatic still subtly blending the regrowth and hair that’s noticeably a different shade. Generally, roots are darker, therefore we recommend going up 2 to 3 shades with Couture Silk Permanent Colour.

ROOT MELT according to AMR Hair and Beauty. ‘Root melting is the effect of smudging the root to create a transitional lived-in colour. Your hairstylist will blend colours to avoid harsh demarcation lines between colours.’

To master these root blends and toning techniques, you need sophisticated colouring skills and ongoing education, with your clients’ smiling faces making it all totally worth it; especially when you’ve helped them fix a home-job hair colouring disaster.

Below are some inspirational examples from our global users.

1. Babylights using Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer
2. Root Smudge using Couture Silk 8.11 + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
3. Mids to ends toned using Couture Silk .021 Champagne toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

1. Prelighten hair
2. Mid Lengths to Ends Tone: Couture Silk Demi 10.042 + .052 + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

1. Root Smudge: Couture Silk 6.1 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
2. Reverse balayage: Liquid Jewlz 7.32 Nutmeg + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer
3. Toned: Liquid Jewlz 9.2  Almond Irise + Liquid Jewlz 9.046 Peach Melba + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer

Image 4 by RHEA KING
1. Half head foil: Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer
2. Root Shadow: Couture Silk 5.0 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
3. Mids Tone: Couture Silk Demi .021 Champagne + .11 Frost + .22 Lilac + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
4. Ends Tone: Couture Silk Demi .052 Rose + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

1. Prelighten: Alpine Blonda 7 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
2. Pretone: Couture Silk Permanent Toner .22 Lilac + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
3. Roots: Couture Silk 8.1 + 8.2 + 8.18 + 15% (5vol) LH Developer
4. Midlengths to Ends: Couture Silk 10.1 + 10.117 Twilights + .052 Toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

Image 6 by LUKAS CH
1. Roots: Couture Silk 5.021 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
2. Midlengths to Ends: Couture Silk 8.021 + 9.035 + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

Clients may not completely grasp each technique and that's not their job - Its yours. Hence the importance of CONSULTATION and share examples with them so you're both on the same page.

Check out Leyton House Technical Educator, Chris Munt’s video tutorial.