Does anyone else notice that trends have a circle of life? Right now, the 90’s/00’s styles are back with a vengeance, and we are here for it!

One hair colour trend that’s made a huge turn around is ‘Colour Blocking’ and it’s taking over hairstyles on social media.

What is colour blocking you ask?

It’s the use of contrasting blocks of colour that stands out and differs from the rest of your hair colour. A statement piece if you will.

The variety of colour combinations in colour blocking using Leyton House Professional hair colour are endless but the most popular colour is half brunette, half blonde, this works particularly well for an everyday appearance. However, if your clients are a little more daring how about half-half hair colours like purple and pink using Leyton House Professional Colour Spangles, Rouge or Illuminates range. What a standout.

Just like most hairstyle trends, you will always find certain celebrities giving them a go.

When it comes to colour blocking, there are a few celebrities who wear them with flare.

Billie Eilish who has taken the world by storm, not only with her music but also with her hairstyle, rocking the coloured roots, with the fluro green and black she was sure to make some noise & she has.  

Halsey, has always been a big fan of different hair colours and hairstyles and has rocked the block-coloured bangs in rainbow.

Check out some of our own Leyton House Professional hairstylists creating eye-catching, fun, stand-out hairstyles.



🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
➊ Blonde side: Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5% Alpine Blonding Developer
➋ Brunette side: Couture Silk 5.0 + 5.35 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
➌ Blonde side toned using Couture Silk .021 Champagne toner + 10.1 + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer


🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
Prelightened hair using Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer 
Toned using Couture Silk .22 Lilac toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
Roots to mids: Couture Silk 9.035 + 9.2 (1:1) + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
Ends: 20g Couture Silk 10.042 + 8g .526 Rouge Magenta + 3% (10vol) LH Developer

🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
➊ Applied to previously lightened hair
➋ Blonde toned using Couture Silk Demi .002 + .000 + 2.8% LH Demi Developer
➌ Colour Block using Colour Spangles Sour Grape + Tickled Pink


➊ PRE-LIGHTENING 1. Lightened regrowth: Alpine Blonding Crème + 4.5% Alpine Developer (1:1.5); Process up to 50 mins
➋Rinse, cleanse with Couture Care Silver Shampoo and towel dry
➌Tone: Couture Silk Demi 10.01 + 1.5% 5. Visually process up to 20 mins
➍  BLUE REGROWTH 1. Apply Colour Spangles Blue Berry through part line and melt either side; Process 20 mins, rinse and blow dry hair
➎ YELLOW ENDS 1. Section hair from crown to behind ears applicable to yellow sectioning in image 2. Apply Colour Spangles Pineapple Pop 3. Process 20 mins, rinse and towel dry hair ALL HAIR
➏ Apply Couture Care All purpose 6 in 1 spray 2. Style as usual


🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
➊ Blonde: Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5% LH Alpine Blonding Developer
➋ Toned on roots using equal parts Couture Silk .021 Champagne toner + .11 Frost toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer; mids to ends toned using Couture Silk .11 Frost toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer; 20mins
➌ Brunette colour using Couture Silk 5.35 + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer 1:1.5; 30 mins

🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
➊ Brunette: Couture Silk 4.0 + .22 Lilac toner + 3% (10vol) LH Developer 
➋ Blonde: Prelightened using Alpine Blonda 7 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
➌ Toned using Couture Silk .23 Suede toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
➊ Blonde: Previous colour 
➋ Brunette: Roots using Couture Silk 6.021 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer; Mids to Ends: Couture Silk 7.021 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer

➊Prelighten Shape on top of head (A, B & C) Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5% Alpine Developer (1:2). Process up to 50 mins
➋Section A - Rouge Magenta .526 + .2 Illuminates + 6% LH Developer. Process 30 mins. (1:1)
➌Section B - Couture Silk Demi 9.046 + 1.5% LH Developer (1:2). Process up to 30 mins Section
➍ Section C: Toned Couture Silk 9.2 + 9.0 + 1.5% LH Developer. Process up to 20 mins. (1:2)
➎ Section D - Colour Couture Silk 6.021 + 3% LH Developer (1:1.5). Process up to 30 mins

🎨#LeytonHouse Formula:
➊ Applied to prelightened hair 
➋ Copper Colour Block: Couture Silk 9.35 + .4 Rouge Copper + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
➌ Red: Couture Silk 6.66 + 5.0 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer


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