Pantone, since the year 2000 have released a ‘colour of the year’. In 2023 the colour Viva Magenta was chosen to set a sense of joy, exuberance, and wit. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless; something we aspire our clients to feel like. Viva Magenta has a colour palette from light pinks through to bright reds, and let’s just say these colours are increasing in popularity within the hair industry, every day.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour institute, “Viva Magenta expresses our desire to move from the mundane to something more spirited.’

Pink hair makes an entrance for spring and a season change is always a solid reason to switch up your clients hair colour. After the last few years, we could all use a change! There are many shades to choose from including but not limited to, the sweetness & light of fairy floss and marshmallow, fruity peach & or the deep sea of red. If you’re in love with even the thought of these colours, you can recreate them using our Liquid Jewlz vegan hair colour &/or Couture Silk hair colour range, including our Rouge collection.

Let’s spring into the hottest colour that is going to take salons by storm. Get your mixing bowls ready because we are sharing with you, colours your clients are going to love.

IMAGE 1 by Monika Grelewicz-Gruszka
1. Applied to prelightened hair
2. Global application: 30g Couture Silk 10.2 + .052 Rose toner + 5g .22 Lilac toner + 10g 10.1 (1:1.5) + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
IMAGE 2 by Irmina Dlugolecka
1. Applied to prelightened hair
2. On dry hair: 25g Couture Silk 9.32 + 15g 9.035 + 10g .23 Suede toner + 2g .526 Rouge Magenta + 3% (10vol) LH Developer; applied to roots, then melt into ends at the basin. 
IMAGE 3 by Alicja Szczok
1. Prelightened hair, off scalp using Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer
2. Pretoned on wet hair using Couture Silk .22 Lilac toner + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
3. Washed & dried
4. Roots: 20g Couture Silk 88.0 + 20g 8.2 + 10g .526 Rouge Magenta + 5g 8.221 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
5. Mids to ends: 15g Couture Silk 10.2 + 15g 10.0 + 7g .526 Rouge Magenta + 2g .6 Rouge Red + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

We’ve seen all sorts of different red tone influences in hair trends over the years but the colour palette of Viva Magenta is one trend that has held its place. If you have a client who wants a low maintenance colour, choosing a lighter, pastel shade for your client has its advantages, giving them the flexibility in choosing to be more vibrant when and if they feel like it.

If your client has been toying with the idea of going darker, lighter, or somewhere inbetween, this viva magenta, spring colour trend is here to inspire. Take a colour cue from some of the Leyton House community of hairstylists around the world.

IMAGE 4 by Rebecca Scott
1. Applied to prelightened hair
2. Subtle Money Piece: 15g Liquid Jewlz Peach Melba 9.046 / 9NCR + dot of Strawberry Sugar 10.66 / 10RR + Gloss + 1/4 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer
3. Rest of hair using 30g Liquid Jewlz Peach Melba 9.046 / 9NCR + 10g Strawberry Sugar 10.66 / 10RR + Melon .052T / .NMVT + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer
IMAGE 5 by VHair Paula
1. Prelightened hair using Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer
2. Roots: Couture Silk 4.6 + 4.65 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer
3. Mids to ends pre-pigment: Couture Silk 6.66 + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer
4. Toned using Liquid Jewlz Strawberry Sugar 10.66 / 10RR + 1.5% (5vol) Jewlz Developer
IMAGE 6 by Bartek Pappalardo
1. Roots: 50g Couture Silk 6.021 + 50g 6.117 + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
2. Mids to ends: Couture Silk .526 Rouge Magenta + 6% (20vol) LH Developer

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