Are you looking to transform your hair with a striking and unique color?

If so, look no further than Leyton House Charcoal Blonding Cream. This innovative hair bleach is designed to deliver beautiful, stunning clean results to colour on a blank canvas, while minimising damage and preserving hair health.

The Charcoal Trend

Charcoal Blonding lighteners are fast becoming a popular hair product of choice. Combining cool-carbon toned ash and smoky hues to create a neutralised tone.  Leyton House Charcoal Blonding Cream is an excellent choice to achieve your unique creation.

Using pigmented blue violet Alpine Developers 4.5% or 7.5% further enhances the tone and neutralises all warmth.

charcoal blonding cream and silver tones

Bartek Pappalardo
 creates stunning balayage with #Charcoalbleach

Charcoal Blonding Cream + Alpine Developer 4.5% (1:1.5)
Toned: 30g 10.2 + 30g .021 + 120g 4.5%  
Repigment Tone: 20g 9.3 + 20g 10.3 + dot 6.66 + 40ml water

    Minimizing Damage:
    When it comes to bleaching, protecting the integrity of the hair is crucial.
    Leyton House Charcoal Blonding Cream bleach is formulated with advanced technologies that minimise damage during the lightening process.
    The bleach contains conditioning agents and nourishing ingredients such as Almond & Avocado oils that help to preserve moisture, strength, and elasticity in your hair, reducing the risk of breakage and dryness.

    'If you have not tried the Charcoal Blonding cream....then you must!!! AMAZING!!!
    Lots of natural warm tones in my clients hair before colour process.
    Used Charcoal Blonding Cream and 6% full head foils
    Development time 30 mins rinse and applied #CoutureSilk 7.021 + 1.5% (shadow root) plus Rhassoul Blonding Toning Shampoo as Toner'.

     before and after charcoal blonding

    Precise and Even Lightening

    Leyton House Charcoal Blonding Cream is a high-quality product that provides precise and even lightening results. The bleach is formulated to lift up to 8 levels while maintaining control over the lightening process, ensuring that you achieve the desired result without unwanted brassiness or unevenness.

    no brassy tones in blonde hair

    This is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to embrace the trendy and captivating charcoal blonding cream trend. With its advanced formulation, damage-minimizing properties, and ability to deliver precise and even results, this bleach allows you to achieve a stunning transformation while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

    Embrace your individuality, experiment, and create a head-turning look.