Reverse balayage: the natural hair technique going into 2022

The French term meaning to sweep or to paint giving a natural graduation of light seamless highlights without the harsh lines yet accentuating a sun-kissed dimensional blend of tones.

Whilst balayage still dominates salons and the consumer scene, its more popular among blonde’s hairdressers are adapting their techniques and customising the Reverse Balayage.

So, what is reverse balayage?

To be quite honest, the technique is essential the same as balayage, but in reverse. So, instead of directing lighter tones on the top layers of the hair, we now focus on the deeper tones underneath. This means the low-lights and undertones become darker and the highlighted tones on top are also a deeper hue than what you use during a sun-kissed balay. Reverse balayage darker sections will sit just under the lighter sections giving a beautiful smudged and blended seamless appearance.

Watch Leyton House Professional USA Brand Ambassador Jeremy Milhelich perform his reverse balayage. 

See below the full recipe: -

FaceFraming MoneyPiece:
Alpine Blonda 9 + 6% LH Developer
Roots: Couture Silk 5.036 + 2% Colour Convert
Mids: Couture Silk 6.036 + 2% Colour Convert
Root smudge: Couture Silk Demi 4.0 + 2% Colour Convert

reverse balayage before and after
leyton house brand ambassador
couture silk permanent hair color
If your blondes balayage clients are looking for a change then reverse balayage could be the answer, offering that subtle deeper dimension. This could be the perfect the perfect alternative! However, if the client is already dark and wants to go lighter but maybe tentative, reverse balayage is an excellent substitute to going blonde too quick and leaves the natural tones in place without the bright blondes.


Warsaw artist Mati showcases airtouch technique reverse balayage.For the regrowth he uses Couture Silk 5.021 + 6.021 + 3% LH Developer and Tones with Couture Silk 8.13 + 8.32 + .23 Suede + 8.2 + 3% LH Developer 

reverse balayage before
reverse balayage after
hair regrowth


Jade Price-Goldsborough

Loves using the ever so popular .021 Velvet series.

Couture Silk 8.021 + 6% LH Developer brings her client back to a more natural base. 

natural base
couture silk hair color
couture silk permanent hair colour


Reverse Balayage is super low maintenance, another bonus! When the colour grows out it generally blends in with the darker or natural tones, the dimension of the style can remain intact for longer.

To help your clients keep their newly balayaged colour looking in tip top condition Leyton House recommend using a sulfate and paraben free cleanse and care range for colour treated hair.  The number one choice is Rhassoul Colour Care Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. Use this 3 times a week and treat hair to a weekly spa with none-other than Rhassoul Hair Recovery Treatment Masque. 

rhassoul hair care
hair recovery treatment mask
colour care shampoo

Reaching optimum condition for the client’s hair is paramount to a colour service.  We know the perfect hair may not exist, but your client can certainly as near as possible to that with Rhassoul and the reviews clearly speak for themselves.

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Show this collection of care products with its antioxidant properties of rhassoul minerals keep the hair in optimal condition and health. Leyton House chemists alongside our development team have created a salon download to RECOMMEND HAIR & SCALP SOLUTIONS WITH MASSAGE THERAPY. This prescriptive treatment download offers suggestions that assist salons in going that extra mile to offer a specialty in salon service to include head and décolletage massage techniques which you may want to incorporate into a relaxation service for the client. Click on the image below to download.

rhassoul hair prescription

A visit to the salon isn’t just image changing, its recovering from the daily grind!