Global salon collaboration highlighting the new .023 COCOA Collection and its versatility.

Leyton House Cocoa .023 Colour Campaig

What makes this collection truly remarkable is its unique integrated filler, eliminating the need for pre-pigmentation or additional filling steps. It’s all about simplifying the colouring process. Cocoa’s can be used to tone, cover grey hair, and achieve flawless blending.


Professional colourist from, Montana, possesses a diverse skill set. Not just a colourist, but wedding stylist, colour educator, and special effects make-up artist. Ashlee is 100% passionate about her craft.

Her specialties include ultra-blended, lived-in colour and freehand balayage which certainly comes through on her model when using the new Cocoa .023 colours.  Ashlee says "I wanted to add dimension back to my model’s hair and correct the banding, unevenness, and warmth while being gentle with her compromised hair."

RECIPE: I wanted to add dimension back to my model’s hair and correct the banding, unevenness, and warmth while being gentle with her compromised hair. 

Formula A: (foils around hairline from demarcation line to ends; as well as on the ends of everything left out of foils to ensure blondes don’t get colour on them and aid in blending) Liquid Jewlz Gloss + 1.5% LH Developer (1:2).
Formula B: (roots to mid lengths on hair left out of foils, blended into formula A): 20g Couture Silk 6.023/6NVG + 10g Couture Silk 5.036/5NCR + 60g 1.5% LH Developer.
Formula C: (applied to natural regrowth in the foils at the front hairline)
Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% LH Developer (1:2)
Processed for 20 minutes at room temperature and then rinsed well.
Tone A: (natural regrowth and blended down into Tone B on towel dried hair) Couture Silk 5.023/5NVG + 1.5% LH Developer (1:2)
Tone B: (mid-lengths to ends, towel dried hair) Couture Silk 9.023/9NVG + 1.5% LH Developer (1:2)
Processed for 15 minutes at room temperature. 

Sylwia Łuszczyńska

Cardiff, Wales - Home of distinguished colourist and hairstylist Sylvia Łuszczyńska, new to Letyon House. Her expertise shines through as she meticulously crafts all 3 shades in the series complement by reverse balayage technique.

The outcome is nothing short of exceptional.

Witness for yourself the seamlessly blended melt that stretches from the roots to the very tips, a testament to Sylvia’s artistry and skill in the world of hair transformation.

➊ Regrowth: Couture Silk 5.023/5NVG + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
➋ Blended Mids to Ends: Couture Silk 7.023/7NVG + 9.023/9NVG + 5.023/5NVG to make a beautiful #ReverseBalayage.
When best friends come together to participate in the new Leyton House .023 Cocoa Colour Campaign, they shared so much laughter and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Chloe, owner operator of Le Bon salon in UK, opts for shade 5.023/5NVG to cover her best friend's grey hair, Shhh!, and add a beautiful tone.
The resulting shine is remarkable, and the colour effortlessly speaks for itself.

Chloe says, "I used 5.023/5NVG + 3% equal parts as an all over gloss. My client was over the moon with the results. The gloss & coverage was just out of this world🤩🤩 Leyton house hands down is the BEST colour range EVER!! Again thank you for letting me be apart of the campaign - we had so much fun xx"

Talented stylist at LittleBird Beauty Florida, skillfully employed the Couture Silk 5.023/5NVG shade to achieve flawless grey coverage. Her technique involved the strategic use of both horizontal and diagonal foil placements throughout the head, resulting in a seamless transition without any visible demarcation lines.

To perfect the look, Caitlynn applied a toner with 9.023/9NVG for a beautiful, harmonious tone. To read the full process CLICK HERE

Bartłomiej Pappalardo

A prominent figure in the Polish beauty scene, the Leyton House artist and outstanding educator, proudly displays his prowess with a complete head of foils, employing our innovative #Charcoal Blonding Cream.

The meticulously executed process involved applying a rich blend of 5.023/5NVG with a 3% LH Developer at the roots for a solid foundation. To achieve the perfect mid to ends transition, a fusion of Couture Silk 7.023 and 9.023, along with a touch of .221 Illuminate, was masterfully employed. The result is a breathtaking display of hair artistry and creativity, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

➊ Regrowth:
Couture Silk 5.023/5NVG + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
➋ Mids to Ends: Couture Silk 7.023/7NVG + 9.023/9NVG + .221 Extra Violet Purple Illuminate


Lowlights perform their enchanting transformation, enhancing Ola's client's entire look by infusing a hint of glamour. This magic is achieved through a smooth, flawless transition from roots to tips.

The secret to achieving this impeccable blend lies in the use of Rhassoul 6-in-1 treatment. It evens out any inconsistencies in hair porosity, ensuring that the color adheres and absorbs uniformly, resulting in a stunning, seamless finish.

 Full head low lights using 30g Couture Silk 7.023/7NVG + 10g 6.0/6N + 3% (10vol) LH Developer. Process and rinse well, towel dried
Roots: 30g Couture Silk 6.023/6NVG + 15g Couture Silk 5.0/5N + 3% (10vol) LH Developer
➌ Mids to Ends: 40g Couture Silk 9.023/9NVG + 9.3/9G + 1.5% (5vol) LH Developer

To brush the hair out before the colour application I used the Rhassoul 6 in 1 which also helps even out the porosity and before cutting once again to help brush it out.

Leyton House are so proud and grateful to each of our global collaborators and thank you for sharing and being part of our .023 Cocoa Colour Campaign.

with Love