As beauty experts it's our job to understand the importance of a well balance hair and scalp pH, particulary when we lighten and colour hair.

The numbers on the pH scale range from zero to 14, and within that scale, zero to six represents the acidic side, seven (7) denotes neutrality, and eight through 14 represents the alkaline end (see image below).

pH level for hair
When it comes to Leyton House Professional hair colour our scale is broken down as follows:

Temporary ColourTypically 7 - 8
Permanent Hair Colour Typically (not mixed with developer) 9 - 10
Shampoo pH values can range between 3.5 - 9.0.
Ideal shampoo is 3.6 for hair and 5.5 for scalp
Lighteners 8 - 9
Perm 8.5 - 9.5


When hair is at its optimal health the pH maybe slightly acid ranging between 4.5 to 5.5. As mentioned external chemical services such as lightening, colouring, styling etc may disrupt the balance and thus cause the cuticle to life which magnifies frizz, breakage and the overall hair health. Of course we can’t forget air born environmental spoilers such as humidity, water type, smoke, free radicals in the air nd more. It is our job at Leyton House Professional to consciously analyse and choose natural ingredients to support and balance the hair’s pH.


Let’s remember the pH of the scalp is 5.5 and a healthy hair stem pH is generally 3.6. As these two values are on the acidic scale it means we don’t have to use products of a different pH. Luckily our Rhassoul Shampoos pH are the perfect fit of a scale of 6.0 - 6.5 so close to neutral yet very slightly acidic making it hair friendly and thus eleminating annoyances such as frizzy hair, scalp irritation and dry hair.

Similarly we recommend NOT using products that’ll trigger an abnormal pH such as shampoos containing SLES (these are known to be alkaline) and DO contain natural oils and shampoos with a low or neutral pH - making Rhassoul shampoo and conditioners the solution.


In most cases, natural oils have pH ideally answering the needs of hair (between round 4.0 - 4.5). It is a brilliant piece of information for the lovers of natural hair care because it means that hair and scalp treatment does not disturb the acid-base balance.

Moreover, the oils, in Hair Recovery, Almond & Olive, regulate the pH levels, supporting the proper function of scalp and preventing problems such as dandruff, hair loss, scalp irritation.

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