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Alpine Blonda 9

Alpine Blonda 9

Achieve superior next level lightening with Alpine Blonda 9. 

This super-fast, professional hair lightening product lifts up to 9 levels with incredible clean results.

Contains Condensed Sugar Protection, soothing persulphates to protect the hair and is enriched with Guar Bean and Kaolin to strengthen and repair.


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@hairbylindseyhart - Huge fan of Blonda 9!! It's the best I've ever used. I was a die hard F****** fan but used Blonda once and have been hooked ever since! It's so gently yet fast. I'm so impressed. 

@hair.is_robynjane - I've used a LOT of lighteners & when i need to lift, like really LIFT, this is what i grab. Amazing!!!

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