Summer Hair Colours

As temperatures warm up, hair colours are transitioning to blonde, lighter and subtle shades.  Although still immensely popular are the cool, ash blonde hues, we see the trend shifting to slightly warm blonde tones. Here are the top five hair colour trends for spring summer, incorporating some of this year’s and last year’s most popular tones and techniques.

Hair Colour Trend #1: Icy Hair


Clients have been requesting all shades of cool this year, and icy blends are the latest trend to take off! Whether you create a more platinum or caramel reflect, this versatile hue is guaranteed to add some spice this season.

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Hair Colour Trend #2: Caramel Hair

Subtle warm smooth caramel tones are the secret to the luscious, low maintenance trend that is caramel hair. Balayage is the perfect technique for this look, with hand painted pieces providing a touch of warmth and soft glow. 

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Hair Colour Trend #3: Lavender Hair

While darker purple hair took over our feeds earlier this year, it’s now making way for a softer lilac hue. Lavender hair can be striking yet subtle. Ideal for clients wanting something different to wear this spring and summer yet easy to change out when autumn arrives.

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Hair Colour Trend #4: Bronde Hair

A departure from the deeper tones this season, spring summer serves as the inspiration for this warm look. High contrast hair is also trending right now, so incorporating a root shadow will keep clients on trend and hair looking chic for longer. Welcome the sunshine!

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Hair Colour Trend #5: Tiger Eye Hair

Named after the crystal, tiger eye hair features deeper roots with bronze, brown, caramel and gold tones through the mid-lengths and ends. With chunky highlights and multidimensional brunettes gaining popularity this year, this look delivers the best of both.

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