As professional hairdressers you’ll perform many lightening techniques during your working day. Whether it be to create sun-kissed or ice platinum tones to subtle ombre and balayage, there are so many lightening product choices. 

What is Kaolin Clay

Did you know all Leyton House lighteners are Kaolin Clay based products.  A natural mineral with very low pH concentration, soft fine texture and creamy properties.  It’s so very mild clay yet incredibly versatile allowing for greater adhesion to hair. Kaolin Clay will absorb any excess oil allowing peak performance of the overall product giving strength and improving elasticity.

A personal favourite of our Brand Ambassador Jeremy Mihelich for ON SCALP Lightening is Alpine Blonding Crème and 4.5% Alpine Developer.  Jeremy loves the consistency, giving the hairdresser the accuracy of placement without overlapping.

Its such a gentle creamy lightener, even on clients with sensitive scalps and loves the infusion of argan oil and purple toning piment in both the lightener and developers.  This REALLY does make a difference and makes the hairdressers job easier when needing to tone and neutralise unwanted warmth.

Jeremy also uses Alpine Blonding Crème with 7.5% for free hand painting or foilage as its so easy to glide on the hair and doesn’t dry out fast like most  lighteners.  Also perfect for a second round of lighting the achieve that platinum blonde look while saving  the integrity of the hair.  

(Image by Alicija Glos-Krawczyk - Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5%)

Alpine Blonda 7 & 9

When creating foils his natural go-to choice is Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% (20vol) LH Developer. This works incredibly well on levels 6, 7 or 8 and on many occasions there is no need to tone due to the powder’s built-in violet tone, automatically counteracting any unwanted brassiness or warmth.

Alpine Blonda 7 is the colourists fav choice for hair foiling on levels 6 and above. Jeremy says ‘It lifts like a charm and very clean with violet to help cut the unwanted yellow, being a Kaolin base powder makes it so easy to use and adhere to the hair – The best for Balayage!  I’ve always used high levels of developers UNTIL I started using the Alpine Blonda powder lightener series, the lift is incredible.  I can get a perfect clean blonde with only 6% (20vol) every time’.

Alpine Blonda 9, has some serious lifting action and Jeremy uses this lightener whenever he needs to perform a hair colour correction service. Best for work on levels 1-5 or previous coloured hair, Jeremy loves the blue tone to cut through unwanted warmth. His absolute fav for open air balayage and taking the hair to a grey hue.

Jeremy Balayage Alpine Blonda 7


We’ve all experienced that client that comes into the salon for colour correction, either they’ve tried to create an ‘at-home’ colour OR we’re correcting someone else’s work. 

Well, many professional hairdressers are obsessing over the Alpine Blonda 9.  One hairdresser even says 'I’ve used a LOT of lighteners and when I need to lift, like REALLY LIFT, this is what I grab. Amazing!' quote from @hair.is_robynjane.

so when your next in your distributor purchasing powder lightener, you have 3 simple choices - consider Alpine Blonding Creme, Alpine Blonda 7 or Blonda 9.