Today, social and environmental responsibilities are at the forefront and we at Leyton House Professional endeavour to do our part.

We have developed with our Italian chemist, a plant-derived colour formulation called Couture Silk. We have combined the highest quality pigment, with 100% grey coverage with the best from nature, not every colour house can boast this amazing quality and guarantee 100% satisfaction when used correctly.

Leyton House Couture Silk colour contains natural ingredients, such as green tea, vegetable extracts, natural mineral oils and aloe vera. Blend these plant-based components with our Silk Renewal Complex technology together and you have yourself a colour that gives superior results that are both gentle and healthy for the hair.

We are committed to the environment and sustainability and have included recyclable packaging and symbols that are located on all our cartons and tubes. Our Leyton House manufacturing plant based in Italy, utilises renewable energy resources that reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and our formulations are accredited to the highest prestigious chemists in Italy where we are certified under the Good Manufacturing Standards (UN ISO22716).

 We are also proud to be 100% cruelty free and official members of the PETA (Beauty without Bunnies) organisation (https://crueltyfree.peta.org/company/leyton-house-professional/) .

When we were aware of the global decline in bee colonies through the media, we needed to take action immediately to find an alternate ingredient solution to the beeswax in the Couture Silk colour. Subsequently we initiated a replacement synthetic component instantly. The new component offers the same shine and lustre as the wax. Now, since the change in ingredient, for the last 3 years we have been helping to contribute with the re-population bee colonies by not using bees wax in our formulations.  Be Kind to Bees.