The Latest Colour Trend

We’re all seeing it – that shift from cool to warm toned blondes, into warmer muted blends of reds and coppers, and now with a hint of violet.  Leyton House Couture Silk offers an eclectic mix of colours to suit any cool customer.  Let’s turn up the heat and get started…

Bold & Beautiful - You’re Stuck Indoors

Well, at Leyton House Professional we recently collaborated with an internationally known hair and beauty influencer, Stella Cini (check out her Instagram page @stellacini), who turned her very own bold and beautiful hair colour from #inspiration into #reality. BUT… Finding herself in unexpected lockdown, Stella had plenty of time to get creative! As you’ll see from her Instagram page, she has worn the rainbow fantasy colour look for some time (which by the way, she totally ROCKS) but she hasn’t had a permanent hair colour in a while. This was all about to change. So, let the Leyton House hair colour transformation journey begin and…

Dare To Do It

We’d been watching Stella on her Instagram page for about a year and just knew our brand would make a great fit.  So we reached out to Stella to join in a collaboration and were delighted to give her our amazing permanent Couture Silk hair colour and Leyton House Styling products.  You can check out her YouTube channel for her reaction, how to and…

The Results

“Stuck inside? Dye your hair red,” Stella said. “This weekend I decided my hair needed a complete change and I went for this red brown, rose gold moment and I'm digging it. All the products were by Leyton House including dyes, developers and styling products. I think it turned out freaking fabulous.”

Want a quick look at the recipe without leaving this page…


The Recipe

Leyton House Couture Silk 3.5 Dark Mahogany Brown 20g
Leyton House Couture Silk 4.65 Medium Red Mahogany Brown 60g
Leyton House Couture Silk Rouge Red violet 20g
Leyton House 6% (20 vol) developer 150g

“The dyes were recommended to be mixed in a 1:1.5 ratio so I mixed 100g of dye with 150ml of developer. I applied roots to ends and left on for 45 mins, then washed, air dried and styled with the Leyton House Heat Protect Spray.”

Besos, Stella 🌟