Leyton House Professional seasonal collection has perfectly ‘CAPTURED’ the most influential looks, styles and colours for 2021.

Creative directors Simon Crawford and Mandy Jolly kick off the collection with powerful natural beauty characterised by light, delicate lace, soft translucent fabrics connected with wearable copper, pastel hues, natural blonde and earthy neutral hair colour.


The major concept behind the shoot is to showcase wearable styles that colourists can create in salon everyday yet a concept with a touch of efflorescence to ignite the spark of inspiration. 

Set in an oasis sub tropical garden landscape in Queensland, Australia. Leyton House presents a distinctive contrasting background of dark rich flora, merging natural elements and light enhancing features to heighten the hair collection tonalities and depth.

Creative Team Acknowledgements
Simon Crawford - Creative Director
Mandy Jolly - Shoot Director
Mark Matthews - Hair Assistant
Leigh McCoy - Stylist
Jennifer Gifford - Designer
Nardia Panettiere - Designer
Jim Jirarnuttaruj - MUA
Krysta Atkinson - TOG
Narrative Hub - Videography