One of the most difficult problems to tackle as a hairstylist has to be heat. There are lots of products on the market but few that really protect the hair. Enter Heat Protect, part of our recent Leyton House Professional Styling Collection launch featuring a number of revolutionary salon hair care products.

What is Heat Protect?

The ultimate for thermal styling heat protection and detangling, featuring our Heat Activated Technology (HAT). The product comes in a beautiful, user friendly spray bottle featuring a pop of pastel blue making it easy to identify on the shelf.

How does it work?

The spray can be applied to damp or dry hair before blow drying or using thermal tools, like flat irons and curling tongs. With HAT, Babassu Oil and Vitamin B5, the hair is protected and hydrated, actively preventing keratin breakdown and split ends. Heat Protect can also be used as a detangler and before toning or emulsifying colour through to the ends of the hair to even out porosity, leaving hair silky smooth.

Where to get it

Want to get our new Heat Protect spray or any of our new salon hair care products from the Leyton House Professional Styling Collection? Get in touch with us today!