Leyton House Professional introduces its newest reflect to the colour star. 


colour star color star

.8 Blue Violet, a cool colour designed to counteract orange/copper tones reducing warmth without the addition of additives, enhancing and softening the overall tone.

This introduction brings a new series of shades to our Couture Silk portfolio, 10.18 Extra Light Ash Blue Violet Blonde, 8.18 Light Ash Blue Violet Blonde, 6.18 Dark Ash Blue Violet Blonde.

6.18 permanent hair colour
8.18 Permanent Hair colour
10.18 Permanent hair colour


These 3 new shades compliment our Couture Silk Permanent Hair Colour portfolio with its strong and diverse capabilities from toning to covering grey. The series contains our unique Silk Renewal Complex with simultaneous lift and deposit allowing the hairdresser to use differing strengths of developer depending upon hair texture, porosity and expected results. 

To reduce any warmth to your colour, add .18 to the base mix for covering grey or toning hair. Use with either 1.5% or 3% LH Developer to counteract any warm hues when lifting or lightening virgin hair.


As with all new colours we recommend a strand test be performed on clients prior to use.


1. What levels would the .18’s be best applied?
These new shades have multifunctional uses:- Virgin Hair - Perfect to lift and lighten. Ideal Use - Levels 4 to 7. Toning - When toning on levels 7 – 10 Try adding a small amount of base OR .2 Illuminates to soften the overall result.

2. Can you use .18’s for grey coverage?
As the reflects are so strong, when using for grey coverage, we recommend adding a base shade to the mix E.g ½ Base + ½ .18.

3. Do they create depth, richness and/or vibrancy?
As these are cool colours they’ll tend to look a shade darker. Use a level lighter than the target. EG: Target colour base 8. Mix ½ 88.0 + ½ 9.18 (mix ½ 10.18 + ½ 8.18).

4. What makes the .18’s necessary to our colour collection?
A high percentage of hairdressers are asking for a colour family to cool warmth in base shades. Thus the birth of the .18 series.

5. Why is there no 7.18 or 9.18?
Simply add 12.0s to 6.18 or 8.18 to increase the depth by 1 level (refer to technical manual 12.0s instructions).

Why not add these diverse colours in salon and give them a try!