New year, new hue? A lot of people are planning to change their look in the new year and there are some fun colours being requested. We took a look at what hair colours will be trending this year and how you can make it happen for your clients with our Leyton House Professional hair product range:

Icy Blonde

Shiny, sparkling blondes with silver undertones are set to be popular this year. For those who don’t want to go completely silver, this shimmering tone is the perfect way to try it out. Our Alpine Blonding products are a great way to achieve a silver shine to any blonde. 

Colour by @rootzroyaltybyniki

Image credit: @rootzroyaltybyniki 


Perfect Pastel

From lilac and coral to mint and sky blue, pastel tones have been trending for a few years and it isn’t going to stop in 2020! Rose gold is being pushed aside for peachy pinks that are warm and soft, with cool toned lavenders taking over from rainbow brights. These colourful yet mature looks can be created by muting our Colour Spangles range or our new Demi Permanent Colours.

Colour by @lashlovebyabigail

Image credit: @lashlovebyabigail


Rich Red

Whether it’s a vibrant red for someone with a warm undertone or a beautiful burgundy for porcelain complexions, red is making a big comeback in 2020. Our Couture Silk collection features many red hues, perfect for creating that red hot, fiery look.

Colour by @karenatembrace

Image credit: @karenatembrace


Chocolate Brown

Brown doesn’t have to be bland. Deep, rich, velvety brown hair tones are set to be popular this year, matched with soft highlights to create a full, healthy glow. Create the perfect chocolate hue with a Couture Silk recipe.

Colour by @oogirlwhodidyourhair

Image credit: @oogirlwhodidyourhair


Hidden Hair Colours

In 2020, peekaboo hair colours are expected to take over. Think dark, natural colours on top and vibrant, surprise pops of colour underneath, perfect for those wanting something natural with a little bit of fun when the hair is styled appropriately! Our Colour Spangles semi-permanent colour collection is ideal for that little touch of fun.

Colour by @ladybeti_studio

Image credit: @ladybeti_studio

Hair trends for 2020 are all about having fun with colour. Whether it’s something bright and

dramatic, soft and natural or somewhere in between, we are excited to see what looks this year brings! For recipes to help you create any of these trending hair colours, check out our Resources page.