Ask anyone what the trending colour is this season and it’s safe to say  ‘Copper’ is the unanimous vote.

We've seen many celebs on this years red carpet such as the latest Netflix hit movie The Queens GambitElizabeth Harmon played by Anya Taylor-Joy, Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), to our own Aussie actress icon Isla Fisher sporting her natural auburn tresses.

We want to celebrate how amazing and varied options are available by sharing and inspiring our Leyton House hairdressers. 


Get ready for summer sassiness 🔥 and burnt copper hues. From The Netherlands, Emilia Buczek conquers a #copperbalayage not for the faint hearted, but certainly one hell of a striking appearance. 
🎨 #LeytonHouse Formula ➊ Toned with Couture Silk 8.43 + .4 Rouge Copper + 6% LH Developer. 🧡

Variations of .4 Copper and .62 Red Violet melting gloriously. Irmina Długołęcka's colouring technique using highlighted illusions with Alpine Blonda 7 in a zigzag format. Regrowth area is chocolatey reflections of Couture Silk 5.036 + 4.036. Foiled with Couture Silk .4 Copper Rouge + .62 Red Violet Rouge. Finally toning with Couture SIlk 8.43 + 7.1 🧡

Shan from SBHair UK has transformed her client's hair from a somewhat drab lifeless colour into waves of golden copper luxe with shimmering gloss. 🎨 #LeytonHouse Formula ➊ Couture Silk .4 Rouge Copper + .64 Rouge Red Copper + 7.4 + 3% LH Developer. MAGNIFICENT! 🧡

Emilia Buczek
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Kwestia Piekna inspires us with her impressive colouring technique, darker roots to sunkissed mid-lengths and ends. Creating depth, warmth and dimension.

Paulina Mirys not only presents an outstanding copper bomb but a chic #pixiecut. These cuts rock those who have oval and heart shaped faces, such a diverse cut with texture and manageable volume.

Lilliee Mawson has perfected the 'Colour the Cut'. Coming back into trend this season has seen the #rocknroll #shagcut. Brilliant textured bob with bangs and long side pieces. Copper boldness completes the look...

🎨 #LeytonHouse Formula ➊ Couture Silk 7.4 + 25% .4 Copper Rouge + 1.5% LH Developer.


3 words come to light Confidence, Stylish and Flamoyant. Creative artists Lukasz RolnikJustyna Bisińska and Monika Grelewicz-Gruszka, sure know how to create innovative, sunsets in their own pioneering style. Both love showcasing their expressiveness through our Colour Spangles. Featuring Pinapple Pop, Couture Silk .4 Rouge Copper and prelightened with Alpine Blonda 7.

Innovative burnt orange and yellow sunsets leave us dreaming of Caribbean tropicana.

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