Inspired by the 1950s British sweet SPANGLES, our vibrant range of 7 semi permanent hair colours embraces a colourful, tasty, mouthwatering and sumptuous look!



The Colour Spangles Semi Permanent hair colour formulation is rich in VItamin E to nourish the hair as well as a high concentration of lauric acid for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial purposes.



Not only do these colour contain amazing nutrients to your hair but are free from PPD, Ammonia, Parabens, MEA and are Cruelty FREE.


7 Amazing flavours to offer Tickled Pink, Sour Grpae, Bubble Gum, Silver Kisses, Pineapple Pop, Cherry Berry and Blue Berry.  

Brilliant professional hair colour that deeply conditions and moisturises, leaving hair feeling silky and smooth. 



Have you read the comic strip 'Gossip Girls Saga' and met all the ladies - if you CLICK ON THE IMAGE to read all about the faces of COLOUR SPANGLES.