leo porter colour comp winner 2021

Our judges have deliberated long and carefully considering all aspect of colour, creativity and style before reaching a verdict. The vote came in and a formal decision was made.
Leo Porter of Urban Retreat salon, Cumbernauld in Scotland created his winning look and without a doubt he has creatively executed his entry with the
latest colours and hair fashion was at the forefront.

Leo said “I wanted to go with what’s trending just now, I started cutting the hair into a very textured mullet with a couple of different techniques using normal scissors. Once cut I took my time deciding the placement of colour at the front along with what colours and tones I wanted to use. My final decision was to use similar tones as I thought three different colours would have taken away from the over all look”.

All the team at Leyton House Professional are proud of you and thank you. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to enter for 2022.


I sectioned the front into the shape of a triangle and into three toners

I used Blueberry and Pineapple Pop Spangles 1:1 mixing ratio with Vintage Pastel (left)
Blueberrye and Pineapple Pop Spangles 1:2 (1 part blue and 2 parts yellow) and Vintage Pastel (middle).
Pineapple Pop and Vintage Pastel (right).
I mixed the vintage until desired tone

I then went on to the slices at the neck, I did a foil slice toned with the three toners on each side (left, middle then right).

Afterwards I went on to toning the rest of the hair with Couture Silk Demi 10.01 & 10.1 2:1 mixing ratio with 3% and then left to develop for 20 minutes.

Once developed I washed without shampoo as previously done before cutting and conditioned the hair with Couture Care Hydrolock Conditioner.

Finally I moved onto drying. For the styling I wanted a textured look to showcase the cut. When drying the hair I used a denman brush and once dried I used my GHD’s to straighten the hair, I then styled with ClayShaper to tease hair and lastly set with Leyton House Session Style hairspray.