Rainbow, mermaid, unicorn hair trends that hit the internet in popularity last year. Now get the inside scoop on the latest colour trendsetters and techniques for this year. The perfect antidote to cure any hairdressers creative block and embrace the #Underlights colour trend. A little swish and flick of hair revealing an underlay of eye-catching ‘peekaboo’ vibrant hues.

Lightening the bottom layer of hair with Alpine Blonding Crème and 4.5% Alpine Developer and applying a single/multiple highlights leaving the top section of hair natural or a single toned colour.  What better way for a client to experiment with ‘next level’ vivid colour to express their individuality in an understated fashion.

leyton house before
leyton house after


Lukasz Rolnik from @leytonhousepolska with @irmina_paradisestudio

1. Pre lighten and tone with Couture Silk .22 Lilac + 3%
2. Star Section at Crown: Couture Silk Twilights 10.117 + 9.117 + 3%
3. Mids to Ends: (a) Spangles Pineapple Pop Yellow + (b) .4 Rouge Copper + 6%

Why not try your hand at creating vibrancy on the top instead of a natural colour.  Polish educator @AnnaLigman mesmerizies us with her masterpiece. Mix Colour Spangles Blue Berry and Pineapple Pop with a hint Bubblegum to create emerald and lime green on top and Couture Silk Rouge for her underlights.

green hair dye
green and purple hair
green and purple hair dye 
Top Layer: 30g Colour Spangles Blueberry + 20g Pineapple Pop
Top Layer Ends: Colour Spangles Pineapple Pop
Underlights Layer: Couture Silk Rouge .62 Red Violet + 12.0S + 6% 20vol LH Developer (1:2)


Karen Jade Hair from Embrace Hair in Scotland mixes it up with dual tonal pink and lilac underlights. These highlights give an enchanting effect to a blonde bob. Karen then follows up with solid vibrant copper underlights.

#Underlights leyton House
blonde bob with underlights
solid underlights

Solid copper underlights: Top: Couture Silk 7.66 + .6 Rouge Red + 6%
Underlights: Prelightend and colour with Couture Silk .4 Rouge Copper + 6%

Artfully daring are these two Bubble Gum, Teal tones. Never has Colour Spangles looked so sweet.

teal hair colour
turquoise hair dye

PIC ONE RECIPE  by @hair_by_domachowski :
Roots: Couture Silk 5.01 + 3%
Mids and ends: Couture Silk 7.021 + 3% 
Bottom separations: Prelightened Alpine Blonda 7 + 3%
Toned: Colour Spangles Bubble Gum and Pineapple Pop mixed together. (1:1)

PIC TWO RECIPE by Sonny Lee:
Lightened: Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% (her hair was natural)
Underlights: 2 parts Blueberry Spangles + 1 part Bubblegum Spangles


The HALF HALF or BLOCK COLOUR trend is making a statement in 2021 with contrasting tones. Applying strategically placed colour and lightening. Watch Siobhaun perfectly execute her modern glamourous block colouring technique, framing her face and accompanied by global application of Couture Silk Rouge .4 Copper and creating subtle coolness with using .11 Frost toner. Click Here to watch. 

half half hair trend
red and black hair
half half hair trend. Black and Orange Hair

Prelightened foils with Alpine Blonda 7 + 6% Couture Silk 6.4 + .4 Rouge Copper + 6%
Toned: Couture Silk .11 Frost + 1.5%

KAREN JADE (Image 2)
Couture Silk 4.01 + 5ml of .1 Illuminates + 3%
Couture Silk 7.66 + .6 Rouge Red + 6%

Couture Silk .4 Rouge Copper + 1.5% (1:1.5)
Couture Silk 5.5 + 6% (1:1.5)




Foilyage doesn’t have to be all about highlighting blonde. Colourists are now advancing their creativity as clients are stepping out of their comfort zone and seeking a fresh new bold look.  This technique brings such joy to every colourist in the universe.

Beauty by Belz

before colouring hair
creative foils
creative foilyage

Step 1: Prelightened with Alpine Blonda 7 and 20 vol, full head of heavy slices
Step 2: Tone with 10.21 and 2% color convert (1:2) for 10 minutes
Step 3: Fully dry and apply color
Roots: Couture Silk 6.221 + 1.5% melted into 3 different Spangles colors
a) Tickled Pink (Pink pieces)
b) half and half Cherry Berry & Pineapple Pop (burnt red-orange pieces)
c) Pineapple Pop with a dot of Cherry Berry (yellow pieces)

Justyna Bisinska

green and yellow hair dye


Prelightened: Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5%
Rinsed: Cleansed with Couture Care Clarity Shampoo
Regrowth: Couture Silk 9.117 + 8.1 + .1 Illluminates + 1.5%
Colour Spangles: Pineapple Pop + Blue Berry
Toned: Couture Silk Demi .000 + .002 + 10.21 + .22 Lilac + 1.5%


by Abbey Styles from New York 


wine and watercolour
mermaid hair
couture silk and spangles mermaid hair color

Top section Couture Silk 4.65
Colour Spangles throughout