Leyton House Professional features the TOP prettiest winter hair colours to dominate Winter 2020-21.

The surge of sunset coppers, tequila sunrises morphing into yellow/orange hues, mixing up warm pink amaretto blends to blood red tones. 2020 has seen the trend emerge from the warm Summer months believing this was only an Autumn/Winter fashion.  Not so! The sunset hair colour trend is still moving into the cooler seasons.

Natural palettes of muted browns to copper golden dusky tones are ridiculously stunning, and we’re seeing more of them on social media and global fashion week.  However, fashion colour isn’t for everyone and some clients prefer wearable high street subtle hues which could be the key. Why not opt for accented colours linked with highlights or even a sombre where natural brush strokes accentuate a subtle chic look.


If you want to be astounded by a hair colour that performs at 100% with guaranteed results, Leyton House certainly hits the brief. Introduced to Couture Silk permanent hair colour was Trent Day & Tiffany Diaz from @salonroxy, Tampa Florida USA .  Trent and Tiffany have collaborated to produce an outstanding conceptual short video tutorial named ‘Disrupted Red’. Heavily featuring hero colour collection Couture Silk .66 (red red) with highlighted mahogany magenta making a bold statement.  Watch the tutorial for the full technique and recipe. 


Dare to be BOLD. This almost neon orange colour totally makes a statement in hair colour fashion. Here’s the second video from the ‘Disrupted’ series by Salon Roxy owner Trent Day and Leyton House Brand Ambassador Richard Lopez. Watch the easy step by step tutorial on how to create radiant vibrancy of our Couture Silk Rouge collection and striking Rouge .4 Copper. The recipe and techniques are in the video so watch now.


Emilia Buczek of Noord in Holland @emilia.buczek.7161 & @irmina_paradisestudio taking sunset balayge hues to the next level. Her inspiration of warm summer Mediterranean evenings, sipping on a tequila sunrise cocktail. Here’s how Emilia created her gorgeous look with her favourite colour brand Leyton House Professional.

Image 1 - Emilia Buczek Recipe:
Roots: Couture Silk 5.11 + 3%
Mids to Ends: Couture Silk Rouge .526 Magenta + .4 Copper + 6% LH Developer

Image 3 - Irmina Dlugolecka Recipe:
Roots: Couture Silk 5.17 + 3% LH Developer
Mids: Couture Silk Rouge .6 Red .6 + 6% LH Developer
Ends: Couture Silk Rouge Copper .6 + 6% LH Developer

orange hair color
tequila cocktail
fiery red and orange hair


#Throwback to the start of 2020 pre COVID-19 and our collaboration with social media influencer Stella Cini . Chekc out her bold move from warm blonde to rich Mahogany Brown. 

Image 1 - Stell Cini Recipe:
Couture Silk 3.5 Dark Mahogany Brown 20g
Couture Silk 4.65 Medium Red Mahogany Brown 60g
Couture Silk Rouge Red violet 20g
6% (20 vol) LH Developer 150g

New York salon Abbey Styles (Image 3) took inspiration from the latest 2020 hair colouring trends and achieves a gorgeous golden orb chestnut hue. Warming up her client’s tresses with Couture Silk 5.63 and accented ombre brushed strokes blended with Leyton House Alpine Blonda 9 microfoils. Abbey’s client walks into Winterwonderland feeling like $million dollars with her new rich, smooth and shiny, lustrous locks.

stella cini
cold brew



Sylwia Trojanoqska of Leyton House Poland has created a delicious spicy array of deep magenta, purple and dark blue velvet highlights. A real gem of a winter warmer reminiscent of flavours of mulled wine with its cinnamon and syrupy sweetness. Finished with a soft wave. Create this look with our Colour Spangles Collection (Image 1).

Why not try a bolder statement with a mixed spiced red violet by Agnieszka Barton @fryzstyle_salonfryzjerski in Poland's and Abbey at @abbstyles.

Image 2 - Agnieszka Barton Recipe:
1. Prelightened: Alpine Blonding Creme + 4.5% Alpine Developer
2. ZigZag Highlights: (a) Couture Silk 7.221 + 3% LH Devleoper (b) 6.221 + 6% LH Developer (c) 8.221 + 2% Colour Convert LH Developer
3. Regrowth: Couture Silk 4.0 + 6% LH Developer

Image 3 - Abbey Styles Recipe:
1. Regrowth: 30g Couture Silk 5.66 + 10g .221 Illuminates + 3% LH Developer
2. Square Section top of head mids to ends: 15g Couture Silk 5.66 + 7g .62 Rouge Red Violet + 2g .221 Illumiunates + 1.5% LH Developer
3. Rest of underneath mids to ends: 25g Couture Silk 5.66 + 12g .221 Illuminates + 1.5% LH Developer


Leyton House Poland
leyton house poland
Leyton House New York Haidresser


There are clients who prefer to keep things simple, clean and elegant just like @KarenJadeHair  (Image 1) in the UK and her effective use of one of the most popular permanent hair colour options in our Couture Silk range 5.021 + 3% LH Developer.

Keeping hair and colour in optimum condition we recommend using the vegan and sulfate free Rhassoul Colour Care Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner and treat fortnightly with Rhassoul Hair Recovery Masque.

An alternate creation to the usual brunette highlighted hair. @irmina_paradisestudio from Poland showcases a dark chocolate sombre accented with dark choc & copper highlights through the mids and ends.

Image 3 - Irmina Recipe:
Roots: Couture Silk 5.17
Mids & Ends: Highlights .6 Rouge Red + .4 Rouge Copper

leyton house uk
rhassoul shampoo and conditioner
Leyton House Poland


Covid-19 lockdown v2 with UK based hairdresser Lauren Clements,has seen her changing up her lush blonde hair colour to an irresistible warm blush pink. Experimental creativity hit an all time high with Lauren expressing her own flare for colour using Leyton House’s latest Couture Silk Demi Permanent colours, 10.042 & 9.046. These super colours are so soft and gentle on the hair, they not only colour your hair but treat your tresses too. It may be cool outside but in lockdown it feels just like Spring!

Couture Silk Demi Permanent 50g 10.042 + 50g 9.046 + 2.8% LH Demi Activating Crème
Process: 20 minutes 

UK Hairdresser pink hair leyton house

When developing your hunger for creative flare on clients, be sure to consider, skin tone, eye colour, underlying pigment, existing base level and all the technical aspect of hairdressing 101 to gain the marvelous results you and your client/s want. What sounds and looks fabulous on social media may not be a realistic expectation for your client. However,  WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU through your career. If you need technical advice, why not join our FaceBook Support Group or register for online Resources and email us at education@leytonhouseprofessional.com.

That concludes our Top 6 Prettiest Hair Colour predications for Winter 2020/21.  Enjoy and we hope this inspires you.