Intro to LH

Leyton House Education

Introduction to Leyton House seminar.  Full day class encompassing all you need to know about this revolutionary colouring system.  Bought to you by our top LH educators, this class is suitable for hairdressers from beginner to advance.

Adaptation to LH

Leyton House Education

Corrective colouring is an exciting opportunity for both you and your client. Mastering the multiple options of corrective colouring and the use of our specialty product Leyton House Colour Remover.

Alpine Haze

Leyton House Education

Keeping on trend with today’s growing market is a must and here hairdressers will be taught techniques in lightening, toning, seamless balayage and babylights.

UNITED KINGDOM . Basildon // Monday 21st May // BOOK CALL 01268 525187
UNITED KINGDOM . Colchester // Monday 9th April // BOOK CALL 01206 212 242
UNITED KINGDOM . Colchester // Monday 14th May // BOOK CALL 01206 212 242

Urban Vibrance

Leyton House EducationGet your creative juices flowing with Urban Vibrance.  A fun interactive seminar learning the 'how to's' of our Semi Permanent range SPANGLES and incorporating Illuminates and Rouge to your colour palette.  Not to be missed course.

UNITED KINGDOM . Colchester // Monday 23rd April // BOOK CALL 01206 212 242

Creative Cutting & Colouring

Leyton House EducationChampion Beauty and Leyton House collaborte to bring you an engaging creative and cutting techniques seminar by USA LH Educator Dale Smith.  Separate yourself from the expected and embrace the unexpected creativity we can all master.