Leyton House Professional, the brand of couture colouring products and high-end hairdressing support lines.

Leyton House Professional is a global company located in the United Kingdom, USA & Australia. Leyton House Professional has created a unique formula known as “SILK RENEWAL COMPLEX”. This formula has been thoroughly researched and developed to create a more intense, luscious and vibrant colour. “SILK RENEWAL COMPLEX” is originated from a plant based formula which combines the best from nature and the newest technology providing superior results that are both gentle and healthy for the hair.

Embracing the needs and desires of the hairdresser and consumer in an ever changing industry. Leyton House Professional’s dedicated team of highly trained educators ensure hairdressers are kept up to date with the latest technologies and techniques by offering tailor-made training programs for every level of hairdressing.


~To ensure creativity is fuelled, knowledge is shared, passion is enhanced.

~To ignite Leyton House Professional with ‘The Revolutionary Colouring System’ providing ongoing support and commitment to the hairdressing industry.